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Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451

Copyright, 1953, by Ray Bradbury

All rights reserved.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 53-11280

SBN 345-02761-2-125

A shorter version of "Fahrenheit 451" appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction under the title "The Fireman,"
Copyright 1950 by World Editions, Inc.

U.S. Printing History
First edition: Oct/1953
Second Print: Apr/1960
Third Print: Dec/1962
Fourth Print: Oct/1963
Fifth Print: Mar/1965
Sixth Print: Jan/1966
Seventh Print: Sep/1966
Eighth Print: Jan/1967
Ninth Print: Apr/1967
Tenth Print: Jul/1967
11th Print: Aug 1967
12th Print: Nov/1967
13th Print: Mar/1968
14th Print: Jun/1968
15th Print: Oct/1968
16th Print: Apr/1969
17th Print: Jun/1969
18th Print: Oct/1969
19th Print: Dec/1969
20th Print: Apr/1970
21st Print: Sep/1970
22nd Print: Nov/1970
23rd Print: Feb/1970
24th Print: Jul/1971
25th Print: Sep/1971
26th Print: Dec/1971
27th Print: Dec/1971
28th Print: May/1972
29th Print: Aug/1972
30th Print: Oct/1972

Printing History
First edition: Feb/1963
Second Print: Sep/1966
Third Print: Jan/1967
Fourth Print: Mar/1968
Fifth Print: Oct/1968

Special Editions
Asbestos edition: Oct/1953
Revised Bal-Hi
First Print: Jan/1967
Second Print: Jan/1967
Third Print: Apr/1967
Fourth Print: Sep/1967
Fifth Print: Sep/1968
Sixth Print: Nov/1968
Seventh Print: Mar/1969
Eighth Print: May/1969
Ninth Print: Jun/1972

Printed in the United States of America

Ballantine Books, Inc.
101 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10003

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