Monday, October 6, 2008

Packard, Vance - The Human Side of Animals (Animal IQ)

The Printing History of
The Human Side of Animals
(Animal IQ)
Dial Press edition published February, 1950
1st printing ....................... January, 1950
Pocket Book edition published January, 1951
1st printing ....................... December, 1950

This Pocket Book includes every word contained in the original, higher-priced edition. It is printed from brand-new plates made from completely reset, clear, easy-to-read type.

Printed in the U.S.A.
Copyright, 1950, by Vance Packard
This Pocket Book edition is published by arrangement with Dial Press
Decorations by Jane Derrick Designed by Maxwell Marxe

Notice: Pocket Book editions are published in the United States by Pocket Books, Inc, in Canada by Pocket Books of Canada, Ltd., and in England by Pocket Books (G.B.) Ltd. Trade Marks registered in the United States and British Patent Offices by Pocket Books, Inc., and registered in Canada by Pocket Books of Canada, Ltd.

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